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What is terrazzo

Terrazzo is a technique; there is no secret to it.

The ingredients are: 1) Clean water 2) Portland Cement 3) Graded Aggregates 4) Good Technique.

Terrazzo is the name used to describe a method of mixing aggregates, water and cement which are cast into a wide variety of forms. Once set and cured it is ground and polished to the desired finish.

Terrazzo is more than plain concrete-it is the application of a technique that achieves the highest possible strength and performance from Portland cement. These techniques have evolved over thousands of years and allow the casting of an endless variety of forms (see precast and insitu.)

History: Terrazzo as we know it was first seen around the time of the Italian Renaissance. The construction of the grand marble villas produced a large volume of waste marble. This was crushed and used to cast the floors for the utility area floors-kitchens, staff quarters and terraces etc. And so the name stuck.

This terrazzo flooring soon revealed its beauty and became the flooring of choice for the main living and entrance floors. The artisans of this period had knowledge of limestone cement use dating back to the Romans and their possolini mortars. In the Venetian terrazzo, with its extravagant large chip size and their palladiana(crazy) paving we see the influence of Arabic tessellated tiles seen on Silk Road journeys.

NZ History: Terrazzo flooring features in many early major NZ buildings. The Auckland Train Station and Auckland War Museum have very fine examples. The start of the state housing era saw New Zealanders of the post war generation become familiar with terrazzo used in bench tops. Today there are many types of cast and polished materials that fall under the general term of terrazzo. From plain ground concrete to products where epoxy resin has replaced cement. Modern day construction methods constantly add to the diverse range of application for terrazzo.

Terrazzo precast

There has been a long proven history of precast applications for terrazzo, both commercial and residential. The intrinsic qualities of high strength, good fire and seismic ratings, combined with the ability to cast terrazzo into any form, produce a unique product. Commercial Uses: Larger Exterior Panels Stair Treads and Landings Seating Restroom Partitions Restroom Vanities Columns and Balustrades Planters Murals and Sculpture Pavers Residential: Stairs and Landings Planters Bench and Counter tops Columns and Balustrades Bathroom Vanities Murals and Sculptures Pavers and Pool Copings Our highly experienced team will assist you with all your design and specification requirements

Terrazzo Insitu

Insitu terrazzo is the practice of on- site casting of terrazzo as a topping over structural base concrete slabs. It usually refers to various forms of paving-both commercial and residential. From highly polished interiors to non slip exterior paving. We specialise in creating unique and individual surfaces. Early planning is essential if terrazzo is to be used to its full potential. We will work with you to resolve all structural and site specific issues. We will also work with your other contractors to develop a construction schedule that suits the terrazzo process. Internal Floors: terrazzo is used for all internal floor areas including building foyers and reception areas, living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, laundries and hallways. Compatible with under floor heating, terrazzo is durable, easy to live with and maintain. It can be cast is an endless variety of colours and aggregates. External Paving: external terrazzo is cast as a topping over existing base concrete slabs. The finish produced is non slip, durable and infinitely variable. "Rustic Terrazzo" is the old term for exposed aggregate toppings. Common uses are driveways, courtyards, commercial entrances, paths, patios and swimming pool surrounds. Please contact for specification for both internal and external cast insitu terrazzo toppings.

Terrazzo care and maintanence

Please feel free to contact us regarding specific care and maintenance instructions. There are specific maintenance and cleaning procedures for each application of terrazzo. Internal floors, bench tops, bathrooms and external installations each have a different regime and type of product to use. Contact us for advice and information on the correct product and method of cleaning for your situation.

Terrazzo consultation


We offer a consultancy service to architects, designers and home owners. Our experience on a wide variety of projects and proven reputation allows us to provide a unique service. For all stonemasonry applications and terrazzo we will assist you achieve the best possible result with consideration for your budget parameters. This budget covers all areas of masonry construction. Contact us for further information on how to obtain the maximum value and a successful result for your project. Project management Remedial Investigation Design Material Sourcing Research Care and Maintenance